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I’m Mahek, tiny human with loud voice. I might be  short in stature but not in ambition. I am Finance graduate, now diving into the PGPDM program at IIDE. Right now juggling between freelance social media marketing & my role in dad’s construction business because of which I’ve  mastered  time management, organization and multitasking.

"In a world filled with noise, it's the story we tell that truly resonates."
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Social Media Manager

“As a freelance social media manager, I excel in seamlessly blending content creation with strategic management. My passion for crafting engaging stories drives me to navigate the digital realm, elevating brands and fostering lasting connections. Let’s collaborate to shape your digital presence and unfold a compelling narrative together.”

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Website Devlopment

I specialize in creating stunning and functional websites. With proficiency in customizing themes, plugins, and optimizing performance, I craft tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of my clients.

Business Researcher

I possess a keen eye for detail and a knack for uncovering valuable insights.  My ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data empowers businesses to stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities. Whether it’s identifying market gaps, assessing consumer behavior, or evaluating industry trends, I leverage my research skills to drive growth and success.

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My Roles

Short Video Editor

Skilled and efficient short video editor with a flair for storytelling, adept at transforming concepts into captivating visual narratives.

Small Business Owner

Harnessing a fusion of my creative talents, I curate personalized stickers and oversee the operations of my small business, Stiqwer.

Construction Site Traniee

Actively learning the ropes of Construction industry under my father's guidance.

Worked With

Pinkmoon Pottery

As the Social Media Manager at PinkPoonam, my role involves curating and implementing strategic social media campaigns to elevate brand visibility and engagement. Through regular analysis of metrics and trends, I continuously optimize our social media strategy to drive growth and achieve business objectives.

Lecture Notes

As a Business Research Intern, Mahek Shah played a pivotal role in conducting in-depth market analysis and competitor research to support strategic decision-making. Her responsibilities included gathering and analyzing data, identifying emerging industry trends, and presenting actionable insights to key stakeholders.

Laxmi Vilas

My role involved gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of construction site management under the mentorship of seasoned professionals. I assisted in coordinating daily operations, including material procurement, scheduling, and workforce management.

Laxmi Vilas

My role involves designing, developing, and maintaining the company's online presence.I create responsive and functional websites that effectively showcase Pietraware's products and services. I continuously monitor and update the website to ensure optimal performance and user experience, contributing to the company's digital success.

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